Rather Be Sweating

About three years ago, I was taking my dog Dasher for a run in the woods as I waited for a call to tell me that my car was ready to be picked up after some repairs and a new inspection sticker. The call came, but the news wasn’t as simple as I had expected. The mechanic told me that unfortunately my car did not pass the inspection and that the amount of work I needed would be more expensive than the car was worth!


He then went on to tell me that I had missed a few service appointments over the past year.

Another gulp.

What had I been doing?

Well, sweating. Every chance I got! I had been doing so much yoga and playing golf and running with my dog that I let some other things slide. The phrase “Rather Be Sweating” popped into my head and has been there ever since.


Now, after growing my brick and mortar business (a fabulous Bikram Yoga studio in Natick, Mass.), moving into a new home, and having two children I am putting Rather Be Sweating out into the universe!

Check out the About Page and enjoy!