Walk It Out

This past week was all about walking. And not just any kind of walking … double-stroller walking. I used to have an “all or nothing” mentality about working out: if I couldn’t devote at least two hours to a sweat session then I may as well do nothing. So dumb, right?! Thank goodness I lowered my standards otherwise I’d never exercise again!

That being said, I often have days where my exercise intentions get de-railed, but for my mental sanity I need to find a way to get creative and squeeze in some physical activity.  That’s where walking comes in. Now, the whole double-stroller piece is new to me as of about 6 months ago when my daughter was born. Those monstrosities are HEAVY! Seriously heavy! So heavy that my arms burned a little and my core was sore from pushing it up a hill in our neighborhood. The sweat session I thought I was missing out on actually came in the form of a double stroller walk.


I have a Chicco Double Stroller which (and they should advertise it this way) gives the best forearm and bicep workout on the market!

If you’re a mom home with young kids or you missed the last class of the day at the gym or you just don’t have the energy to power through a run, then WALK. And while you’re walking, don’t underestimate how good that movement is for you! Based on information from the Mayo Clinic, walking helps to:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Lift your mood
  • Improve your balance and coordination

The point is, giving ourselves credit for the little efforts we make to stay healthy is really important because it encourages us to continue making those little efforts. And you know what? A little effort here and a little effort there amounts to a whole lot of healthy stuff that you’re doing for yourself and your loved ones. So walk it out.


Avocado Toast

This snack/breakfast/lunch has been my go-to meal this week. It’s so quick and easy (a must) but it fills me up and keeps me going through playing with my toddler, nursing my baby, and squeezing in a workout (a definite must). What’s more, it’s HEALTHY! I’m not going to lie, I’m a total sucker for junk food. I can’t pass up a bag of potato chips if that’s what’s in the cupboard. But by keeping these avocados on hand with the sprouted grain bread, I am set up for a yummy, satisfying meal. So here it is:

  • Two slices sprouted grain bread, toasted (I used Ezekial Bread)
  • Butter (because everything’s better with butter)
  • Half an avocado
  • Salt & Pepper

One tip I suggest when buying avocados is to try to buy a variety of ripe-ness. So I bought 6 avocados at the grocery store this week all ranging from very ripe to hard as rock. That way I can eat the ripe one right away and by the time I make my way through, the one that started super un-ripe will then be perfect.

Toast the bread, melt the butter, spread the avocado, sprinkle the spices and voila!



Love at First Sweat

My sweating addiction started the moment I took my first Bikram Yoga class, nearly ten years ago! I couldn’t believe how detoxified (and exhausted!) I felt after that first experience. Although the class was extremely challenging, something inside me “clicked” and I knew I would make Bikram Yoga part of my life.

Fast forward nine and a half years and in that time I became certified to teach Bikram Yoga and even opened my own studio. It’s funny, before I started doing the yoga and would just hear about it I would think, “oh, I’ll never be able to do that.” Then I did it and felt great! When I wanted to become a teacher my initial thought was, “I don’t see how that would be possible.” But you know what, it WAS. Then before opening my studio I faced road block after road block but somehow found the right space at the right time. (Well, not somehow, it was a lot of hard work and perseverance, not to mention I had a great team – my lawyer, realtor, contractor, and supportive family – helping me)!


The point is, just because something might seem unattainable at the beginning, keep at it. Do a little bit at a time. And congratulate yourself for your efforts and achievements along the way.


Rather Be Sweating

About three years ago, I was taking my dog Dasher for a run in the woods as I waited for a call to tell me that my car was ready to be picked up after some repairs and a new inspection sticker. The call came, but the news wasn’t as simple as I had expected. The mechanic told me that unfortunately my car did not pass the inspection and that the amount of work I needed would be more expensive than the car was worth!


He then went on to tell me that I had missed a few service appointments over the past year.

Another gulp.

What had I been doing?

Well, sweating. Every chance I got! I had been doing so much yoga and playing golf and running with my dog that I let some other things slide. The phrase “Rather Be Sweating” popped into my head and has been there ever since.


Now, after growing my brick and mortar business (a fabulous Bikram Yoga studio in Natick, Mass.), moving into a new home, and having two children I am putting Rather Be Sweating out into the universe!

Check out the About Page and enjoy!