Making Time For Phone-Free Fun

I hate to admit it, but I can get a little addicted to my smart phone. I know I’m really in trouble when my neck starts to hurt from looking down! The thing is, smart phones help us accomplish so much and offer opportunities to connect literally at our fingertips; I’ve found though,  I’m much more efficient on my phone when I’m not with it at all times.

A few weeks ago, I took the kids and my dog for a long walk and for whatever reason did not bring my phone. I realized right away that I didn’t have it but did not turn back. Within minutes of walking, I started to have some really good blog post ideas. I decided what to make for dinner. I thought about a promotion to do at my yoga studio. My creative juices were flowing because I was allowing them to run free. No dings or bells or chimes or beeps interrupted. I did think at one point, ‘I sure bet I’ll have a lot of missed calls/e-mails/text messages/notifications what I get home.’ And guess what … I didn’t have a single one!

Since then, I’ve made a conscience effort to have some quality phone-free fun every day. Right away I realize I’m more present and relaxed without my phone. Because I love taking pictures of my kids, I’ve dusted off my real camera that I bought for our household a few years ago and am enjoying playing around with its features.

We all have things we’d rather be doing (ahem, sweating 😉 ) and the smart phone addiction takes away from those real life desires. If you’re thinking you’d like to go phone-free, even for parts of the day, the following ideas and tips can help you to do so.

  • Set a designated time to check email and social media. Even if you check it more than once a day, be intentional with when you check it and respond as necessary during that designated time.
  • Turn off e-mail and social media notifications
  • Turn off the ringer
  • Heck, just turn it off! 😉
  • Make a “no phones at the dinner table” rule
  • Take that a step further and make a “no phones when eating” rule. Yep, even that afternoon stack when the kids are napping!
  • Get outside and switch up your surroundings

Without technology at our fingertips, we can embrace the opportunity to think freely. Recognizing where are thoughts travel is really interesting. They probably go to places and consider things differently than if there was an electronic distraction present and glowing.

Hopefully what happens is that is that we become less attached and less addicted to these devices; we should use them to enhance our lives, not consume them.


One thought on “Making Time For Phone-Free Fun”

  1. Ahhh I struggle SO much with this. I have enough manners not to use it as a resturant or when I’m in conversation with someone though- I think it’s so rude when you’re eating with someone and they are on the phone, call me old fashioned but it irritates me so much. I have to try your tips though, I could improve a lot with my addiction 😛


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