Make A Date … With Yourself!

Do you ever feel that what you want to be do gets pushed aside for things that you need to do? Kids, work, chores, relationships, errands, bills (not to mention taking time to eat and sleep) devour time throughout the week leaving very little leftover for, say, a workout class a few nights a week.

One of my favorite ways to proactively avoid having a week of only “needs” is to schedule in my “wants” for the week on Sunday night. That’s right, I’ll actually add, for example, YOGA at 7PM, into my Google Calendar. Sounds simple, right? It is, but simple does not always mean easy. In the process of making dates with myself all week long, I’ll undoubtedly need to check in with my husband to make sure my plans work for the household. There may be some negotiation on his end depending on schedules, but this way we start the week on the same page.

I’ve also found that being clear with my ambitions no matter how big or small draws support from those around me. So when I make it known that I have very specific exercise goals, you’d better believe that the other people in my life are helping me make them happen. Lots of times, that helps comes in the form of coming home in time to take over with kid-duty.

When I look at my calendar and see the time blocked out for ME, I’m motivated to keep those appointments. I’m reminded that I took time on Sunday night to creatively schedule ways to recharge. And I don’t want to stand myself up!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.52.44 PM

Here’s a look at my exercise dates for the week. Since Rather Be Sweating is basically my mantra, physical activities are the kind of things I enjoy scheduling. It’s fun for my to think about the week and work in different times and activities for exercise.

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