Avocado Toast

This snack/breakfast/lunch has been my go-to meal this week. It’s so quick and easy (a must) but it fills me up and keeps me going through playing with my toddler, nursing my baby, and squeezing in a workout (a definite must). What’s more, it’s HEALTHY! I’m not going to lie, I’m a total sucker for junk food. I can’t pass up a bag of potato chips if that’s what’s in the cupboard. But by keeping these avocados on hand with the sprouted grain bread, I am set up for a yummy, satisfying meal. So here it is:

  • Two slices sprouted grain bread, toasted (I used Ezekial Bread)
  • Butter (because everything’s better with butter)
  • Half an avocado
  • Salt & Pepper

One tip I suggest when buying avocados is to try to buy a variety of ripe-ness. So I bought 6 avocados at the grocery store this week all ranging from very ripe to hard as rock. That way I can eat the ripe one right away and by the time I make my way through, the one that started super un-ripe will then be perfect.

Toast the bread, melt the butter, spread the avocado, sprinkle the spices and voila!



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